We are selling!

We are selling!

Just a snap of our oat balls selling in Amala near Kothanur, bangalore. So happy to be stocking these guys. Great shop, great vibe. Check them out if you are in the north side of Bangalore.

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Pop up cafe!

Pop up cafe!

Just a little post to show off the food we were making last weekend at the pop up cafe. Lemony coriander chicken, on home baked multigrain artisan bread, grilled Mediterranean salad, tomato and pomegranate salad, beetroot hummus and baba ganoush.

The pop up cafe will be open once a month. Check out our instagram ‘williamsorganic’ to find out when the next one will be.

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Williams Organic Products

Oats balls pic

We have been working on these for a while … and now they are here!

A healthy hand pressed snack, with no added sugar and packed with nutrient rich seeds and nuts – Williams Oats, nuts and dried fruit snack balls.


100% no added sugar Peanut Butter. Pan roasted peanuts whipped up and ripping with protein!

Available from us now and in local grocery stores soon. Peanut butter pic

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Homemade peanut butter


What up everyone,

Me and my wife LOVE peanut butter – for so many reasons. High in protein, packed with amino acids and fibre.

I used to get it from the health food store in KG tubs and finish them off in a week. At £5 (Rs500 / $8) a go – it was an expensive habit. Now we are in India its a little more difficult to find in the unsalted / unsweetened version. If we do find it, it comes in 200g jars – which, needless to say, disappear pretty quickly. Plus they still have some preservatives added to them.

So here is the way to make peanut butter. I never knew how easy it is, I tried a few different methods before this one posted below, which is by far the simplest and easiest.

What you need:

madewithOver (2)

You might want to try roasting the peanuts before you blend them – totally up to you, just changes the flavour. Go for 180 degrees for about 18 – 22 minutes with a bit of oil in there.

Do things in this order exactly:

1. Chuck a cup of nuts into the blender
2. Hit the blender on low
3. Add some more nuts (dont over fill the thing)
4. Crank the blender upto max for about 30 seconds. (If its getting stuck to the side then stop and scrape if off) Should look a bit like breadcrumbs now.

madewithOver (1)

5. While its on high – open the lid and trickle in some nut oil. Then allow it to blend more, adding a little at a time until the consistency is how you like it.
6. Add a little bit of honey to taste. (When you add the honey, it will start to clump up and you’ll have to stop it now and then to scrape the sides down)

And thats it! Delisch.

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Nourish Organics

Yo people,

If you are like us and hate being caught out and about, on the road or just need a snack – but wanna get something healthy. Then try these –

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 14.22.45

They are good good good. We got them last week. They are really high in protein, have all sorts of amino acids, fibre and bunches of good stuff from all the nuts. Very little sugar too. Even HRH william can tolerate it! (He hates sugar laced in food dubbed ‘healthy’)

You can get them from http://www.nourishorganicfoods.com

New Salad! Tomato with chopped herbs and borlotti beans

Tomato, pomegranate, mint, basil, splash of lemon and olive oil, borlotti beans. Little bit of peppers, chilli and diced red onion.

We will throw some of our marinated lemon chicken on top for those who need non-veg.

Tomato salad

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We accept bitcoins.




You can now pay for your Williams Organic deliveries using bitcoin buy sending coins to the above address. Simply scan the QR code using your wallet app or send to the above address.

If you don’t yet use bit coin then check out http://www.weusecoins.com and watch the video. Its really concise and helps explain the what it is, the advantages and why you should start using it!

See you soon!

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12 Degrees Organic – Banaswadi

12 Degrees Organic - Banaswadi

We were SO pumped when we found this awesome organic food shop just a couple of minutes from our house.

They have a colourful selection of seriously fresh fruit and veg plus a whole kitchen full of everything you could need to cook with. Grains, flour, dairy …. basically everything.

I can personally vouch for the tomatoes and eggs – I can really tell the difference between what I have brought in the past from other regular grocery stores.

You should go check them out, they are on 4th Main, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi.

We are now shifting our grocery shopping to here. For sure!

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Another delivery dropped

Another delivery dropped

We are now delivering to offices in Kammanahalli, Banaswadi, Dooravani Nagar, CV Raman Nagar and … you know, those places that are kind of nearish there. Hollah at us if you wanna get a delivery next week.

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click here >> Healthy Living Meet Up <<

Healthy living

If you are interested then come have a chat with a bunch of other people who live in Bangalore, who are also really into healthy food, healthy living and fitness related stuff.

HrH Wills will defiantly be there.